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   It all began with a mother daughter getaway to the island of Bali, which sparked their future of tradition, friendship, and creativity. Not only is it their love for travel, but also the heritage of the artisans, the captivating beauty of the island, and those hidden pockets of culture that kept bringing Shannon and Eileen back to that paradise time and time again.



Our philosophy at CoCo Rose is to create a tropical oasis where mothers and daughters alike can let their spirits wander. Each piece of our CoCo Rose Collection is hand selected by Shannon and Eileen during their adventures in Bali, giving women of all ages, shapes, and styles the bohemian Balinese feeling of serenity and beauty. 



            It was never imagined when their journey began a decade ago that they would be granted the opportunity to explore our creativity while giving back to their favorite island. All handpicked fabrics and designs in the collection have generated jobs for local Balinese artisans, helping to sustain the Coco Rose vision while creating many unforgettable friendships along the way.



     From one beautiful coast to our own, we believe free traveling spirit and creative inspiration are the heart of Coco Rose's vision. Our dream of sharing our treasures has become a reality within the Coco Rose locations. Our customers contribute to our belief of giving back to the island, thus helping bring the tranquil spirit and style of Bali back to where we call home.

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